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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Journey to Dubai #3

So Hatta was supposed to be a typical Emirati town up in the mountains, with cool temperatures and decent amenities.

And after returning from Hatta, Tariq was kind enough to drop me off in Old Dubai so I could look around on my own for a while; the section of the city near Dubai creek has retained a certain amount of its original character. This was a welcome change for me because the new bits of Dubai have as much in common with the real Arab world as Las Vegas has with the rest of America.

So I wandered solo through old Dubai (note the minaret) which immediately surrounds both banks of Dubai Creek; I had a look around the various souks and there were plenty of decent places to sit-down for thick coffee.

And if you happened to be gripped by the sudden urge to buy a stack of Krugerrands and a tiara (who doesn't get such an urge from time to time?), then old Dubai's Gold Souk would be just the place for you!

I also took a little dhow trip across Dubai Creek.

Finally, here's another shot of the Burj Khalifa. Just for kicks, man.

So that just about sums-up my trip to Dubai. This weekend, the wife and I will be off to Denmark and Sweden, so stay tuned!


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