Dokodemo Door!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Saudi & Bahrain

Next week, I'll be headed to Al Khobar in Saudi Arabia via neighboring Bahrain. Afterwards, I'll be taking a tour or two around Bahrain and I hope to get some new pictures (I probably won't get to see very much in Saudi.)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Journey to Cambodia #3

During our last few days in Cambodia, we went to Angkor Wat at dawn...

...but the problem with touring around the Angkor Wat area is that it starts to all look the same after a few days.

Though, there are still some unique places to look at.

After the temples, we also spent some time exploring the market at Siem Reap and several museums, among which was a private museum devoted to the problem of land mines and unexploded ordinance. My only regret after visiting Siem Reap is that we didn't get to spend more time looking around the city itself. Why, only a few minutes' walk from our hotel was the Preah Promreath pagoda, (founded in 1371) and plenty of pubs aimed at backpacking visitors.

The food was decent and, once in a while, even excellent. There were plenty of satay, rice and noodle soups to go 'round but perhaps the most common dish we came-across was the unfortunately-named amok. The Cambodian version was fish simmered in curry and coconut-milk until it develops a custard-like texture.

The food is not always this elaborate-looking.

Anyway, the trip was well worth it and was something that I was glad I did. After coming back, I actually began to miss the place. Mari and I definitely want to hit southeast Asia again some time.