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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Apologies for not updating earlier


I feel utterly negligent in updating this space.

You see, a lot has happened in the last 2 months for me.

In December, I not only completed my master in ed (my 2nd master degree, btw) but I also got what could be described as my dream-job in Kobe, Japan(!)

Yup, starting in March, I'll be moving there and teaching.

And, Scouts' honor, I'll be updating this space more regularly to reflect the life of Yours Truly and wifey as we move-in and adust to life in the Kansai region.

2009 could really prove to be a fabulous year for us. In many ways.

So, yeah, from time to time please check-in so as to get periodic updates about what we're doing.


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