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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

First Day In London

We arrived in Heathrow at about 11:45 AM and were picked-up by Mari's friends, one of whom had been a London cabbie for some thirty-odd years. Immediately, we were given a whirlwind tour by an individual who knows the city front and back.

In addition to the big draws like St. Paul (above) we were also treated to lesser-known places like the Texas Embassy:

Apparently, Texas (after liberating itself from Mexico in the 1830s) opened a diplomatic office in London. The building is now a restaurant specializing in-- surprise-- Tex-Mex cuisine.

Many of my photos on the first day were taken out of the window of the cab and are therefore not quite up to perfection.

Upon arrival at Mari's friends' house in Cheshunt (a northern suburb), we were treated to roast beef, yorkshire pudding and a rather tasty Spanish wine. Not bad for the first day.
Next morning, we woke-up and took the train into town to see the British Museum. Those photos deserve a bit more explanation than I have time for today...


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