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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Upcoming trip...

As a gift for our upcoming trip to the UK, I got Mari a copy of the Lonely Planet Guide to England, which has proven to be invaluable for planning.

Although they're heads and shoulders above other books on low-budget travel (the guide to Mongolia was indispensable there), LP books occasionally throw-in snarky commentary which can get annoying PDQ.

It might be wise to give a bit of background about our upcoming trip. I've been looking forward to it for months. In 1990, Mari spent about a year studying in the UK and has a number of friends living there, especially around the Somerset area in the south-west.

Mari's time in England was a formidable experience for her and she's looking forward to going back. Our lodging will be very cost-effective because we'll be staying with her friends for much of the time. As for myself, the last time I was in England was as a ten year old on an extensive family vacation. I remember some things, but a lot of important items are foggy. For instance, I recall being in a yellow van at one point. And the movie Firefox starring Clint Eastwood was on Thames television one evening. I might have seen Cleopatra's Needle, some castle in Edinburgh and some manner of Danelaw-themed museum in York but those are kind of a blur to me. Maybe it's not a good idea to take a ten-year-old on a big trip like that?

This time I'll be sure to savor the sights of historical significance in and around London more carefully. On the way back, I'm especially looking forward to our 3-day stopover in Iceland. We're flying Iceland Air out of Boston. The selling-point of that airline is providing reasonable rates to Europe in hopes you'll stay a few days in an overpriced Reykjavik hotel.

To wit:

I'm very proud of this map. Can you tell?

We're going to leave on the 30th and we'll be back on the 11th of June.

Arranging this trip required occasional reassurances to Mari. Although she wanted to visit the UK again, part of her reluctance stemmed from the fact that she took a trip all February long to visit her family outside of Nagoya, Japan. Going on TWO international trips in the same year felt excessive to her.

To this, I replied: “Flimshaw!” and flailed my arms madly in the air.

This solved the controversy once and for all.


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