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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Do me a favor, would you?

If you ever see some geniuses buying-up potassium iodide tablets in the U.S., please please please punch 'em in the nose for me.

And then, have 'em donate the money to the Red Cross instead.

Get a grip, people.

And the U.S. embassy in Tokyo is, I think, a less-hysterical source of information than whatever you're watching on cable news. I'm getting the ambassador's Twitter feed, U.S. citizens have been advised to follow local authorities, Operation Tomodachi is underway, etc.

This weekend, the spouse and I have plans to visit her parents in Nagoya. We'd promised we'd visit a while ago, and this is when we have a long weekend to do it in.

We see no reason to cancel. We expect to be back by Monday.


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